Translation by John E. Rybolt, C.M.

Blessed Frédéric Ozanam is best known for founding the Conference of Charity which became the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul. His dream was to “encircle the globe in a network of charity,” and the Society continues to live by this mission, maintaining active memberships across five continents.

15 Days of Prayer with Blessed Frédéric marks the 200th anniversary of Ozanam’s birth. Christian Verheyde selects writings that reflect the breadth of Ozanam’s interests, including his love for his family; his desire to proclaim the faith authentically; and his desire to reconcile science and religion, wealth and poverty, and believers and unbelievers. Following the format of the bestselling 15 Days of Prayer series, each meditation includes reflection questions – the perfect means of attending to Ozanam’s insistence that faith be put into action.