Our Faith in Action

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul highlights its core values of spirituality, friendship, and service in season 2 of “Our Faith in Action: Today’s Society of St. Vincent de Paul,” airing on EWTN Global Catholic Television Network.

The series follows St. Vincent de Paul members, known as Vincentians, on their spiritual growth journey through service to people in need. From the Society’s traditional Home Visits, food pantries, and assistance with rent and utilities, to innovative health care, financial, and mentoring programs, Vincentians see the face of Christ in those we serve.

In the series, Vincentians volunteer across the country to bring effective, personalized help to people in poverty and share their stories of Christ’s love along the way.

“The series is great for highlighting the Society’s faith-filled members and some of our special works,” said SVdP National President Ralph Middlecamp. “We hope that television viewers who see ‘Our Faith in Action’ will feel we have answered their need for how they can put their own faith into action and then join the Society in their communities.”

Episode 11: Finding New Beginnings

In this episode, join Vincentians as they prepare kids for the upcoming school year, offer returning citizens a new career path, and work to shrink barriers for friends in need through the Bridges to HOPE program. (Chicago, Cincinnati, Detroit)

Episode 12: Feeding Minds and Bellies

In this episode, join Vincentians as they tutor children in need, help feed their neighbors in need at a food pantry, and offer scholarships and mentorship to promising high school students. (Orlando, Madison, Phoenix)

Episode 13: Homelessness and Home Visits

In this episode, learn how thrift store shoppers can find affordable hidden treasures, and join Vincentians as they take on homelessness in one of the country’s biggest cities and visit with a neighbor in need. (St. Louis, Los Angeles, Huntsville)

Episode 14: Helping Friends in Need Find Success

In this episode, Vincentians offer bilingual services to help friends in need build a new life, a Family Success Center supports struggling families, and those targeted by predatory lending are helped by the Society. (Seattle, Louisville, Austin)

Episode 15: Building Faith in People of All Ages

In this episode, Vincentians put their woodworking skills to good use to help neighbors in need, while others make sure no food goes to waste, and Vincentians build a home for the homeless youth in their community.
(Fort Wayne, Atlanta, Lane County)

Episode 16: The Next Generation of Hope

In this episode, Young Adult Vincentians share their love of the Society’s mission with those in need, young Vincentians gather to talk with others around the world, the Society in Austin offers a one-stop shop for those looking for assistance, and Vincentians visit a neighbor in need. (Rockville Centre, International, Austin, Louisville)

Episode 17: Heirlooms and Home Visits

In this episode, the Society uses religious artifacts to support their work helping neighbors in need, and on a Home Visit, Vincentians bring along friendship and help. (Minneapolis, Atlanta)

Episode 18: Recycling and Revamping Homes

In this episode, the Society walks alongside one woman through her trials to help her succeed, Vincentians use their carpentry skills to help neighbors in need build a better life, and one Council utilizes recycling to serve their community. (Austin, Fort Wayne, Lane County)

Episode 19: Recognizing the Diversity of Those in Need

In this episode, an SVdP housing program offers a refuge for those in need to rest their heads, while another helps men transitioning out of incarceration, and the Society in Seattle offers support to those in need in the Latinx community. (Louisville, Rockville Centre, Seattle)

Episode 20: Help Behind Bars

In this episode, Vincentians offer support to incarcerated women and conduct a Home Visit, the hallmark of the Society’s work. (Wilmington, Minneapolis)

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