Weekly Prayers February 28 – March 4

Weekly Prayers February 28 – March 4

Weekly Prayers February 28 – March 4 940 788 SVDP USA

Monday, February 28:

Heavenly Father, hear my voice
Raised up to you in prayer;
My words of thanks,
My song of praise,
My cry for help,
My silence.
Help me, Lord to hear the poor,
Their words, their songs,
Their cries, their silence,
And answer them with love.

Tuesday, March 1:

Lord, in Your hands
I place my burdens
In Your will
I place my trust
In Your name
I place my very self
In Your Kingdom
I place my hope

Wednesday, March 2:

Lord, I cry out from the depths of my soul,
From the depths of my soul, to You.
From my pride, help me find humility,
May my works be done for Your sake
From my heart help me offer my very self
For the love of my Father in heaven

Thursday, March 3:

My Lord and My God,
Help me to let go
Of the things that will not last;
To instead seek Your kingdom;
To serve what is not fleeting,
My brothers and sisters,
My neighbors,
And You.

Friday, March 4:

Lord Jesus, fill me up
With the love that welcomes,
The love that gives,
The love that sacrifices;
The love that can be poured out
Without being depleted,
Shared without being divided,
Received by being given.
Daily Prayers are written by Tim Williams, National Vincentian Formation Director. 

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