Daily Prayers Week of February 7

Daily Prayers Week of February 7

Daily Prayers Week of February 7 940 788 SVDP USA

Monday, February 7:

Blessed Rosalie Rendu,
Child of war, Daughter of Charity,
Good mother of all,
Pray for us, that God may grant us
The courage, compassion, and love
That you showed throughout your life.
May our works become our prayer.

Tuesday, February 8:

God of mercy,
God of love,
Fulfill in me Your will;
My arms to bear the burdens,
My legs to walk the path,
My lips to speak the word,
My mind to share Your mercy,
My heart to share Your love.

Wednesday, February 9:

My heart is filled with Joy, my Lord!
My soul is filled with song!
Thank You for the gifts, my God,
That made me who I am.
Help me share them fully,
So I may be who I should be.

Thursday, February 10:

Lord Jesus, I place my faith in You
Enough to move mountains
Enough to plant seeds
Enough to touch Your cloak
Enough to be healed
Enough for the troubles of the day

Friday, February 11:

O my Jesus, let me see with new eyes
Remove the cares that blind me
Let there be light before me
Make me a new creation
So I may live and breathe and move
In Your name and for Your sake
Daily Prayers are written by Tim Williams, National Vincentian Formation Director. 

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