A Week in Prayers July 10 – July 14

A Week in Prayers July 10 – July 14

A Week in Prayers July 10 – July 14 1080 1080 SVDP USA

Monday, July 10

Lord, in Your mercy,
Lord, in Your love,
Lord, in Your infinite grace,
Forgive me my failings,
Lift me from darkness,
Into the light of Your face.

Tuesday, July 11

Lord, may my faith move mountains;
May it heal, may it soothe, may it grow.
Lord, may my hope light the pathway;
As a guide where You wish me to go.
Lord, may my love be for giving alone,
As Your love in my heart overflows.

Wednesday, July 12

Lord Jesus, You hear every whisper.
Lord Jesus, You see every tear.
Lord Jesus, You heal every wound.
Lord Jesus, You share every joy.
Lord Jesus, my comfort in sorrow.
Lord Jesus, inspiration for my works.

Thursday, July 13

O love of the Living God,
Pour down on me like rain.
Wake me up from slumber,
Wash me free of pain.
Speak with a voice like thunder.
Let Your light flash through the skies,
So I, now wide awake,
May see the world with brand new eyes.

Friday, July 14

Come to me, Lord Jesus,
Hungry, ragged, and poor.
Help me to see the suffering face
That stands outside my door.
Help me to share Your hunger,
Help me to share my bread.
Help me to share the crown of thorns
That I see upon Your head.

Daily Prayers are written by Tim Williams, National Vincentian Formation Director.
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