A Week in Prayers August 7 – August 11

A Week in Prayers August 7 – August 11

A Week in Prayers August 7 – August 11 1080 1080 SVDP USA

Monday, August 7

Each day, Lord, and every night,
Your presence and Your love
Are the warmth within my heart.
Help me nurse into flame
This ember of faith.
Help me to spread it
Heart to heart, soul to soul,
To all Your children
Throughout the earth.

Tuesday, August 8

O Lord, make me Your instrument,
Make me the one You send;
One servant’s work divided
Among all the sheep You tend.
Yet all may know completely
Your grace from up above;
From a single loaf, a single fish,
A single act of love.

Wednesday, August 9

Heavenly Father,
I enter this day with gratitude,
In the light of the hope
Of eternal union with You.
Help me to share Your light
Through my actions
And my manner today.

Thursday, August 10

Praise to You, Lord Jesus!
My heart is filled with joy!
You are with me on the journey,
You await me at its end.
Through You, I am not weary.
With You, I am not alone.
In You, I shall live.

Friday, August 11

Each day, O Lord, I seek You,
In the neighbor, in the poor.
Each day, O Lord, I serve You,
In my actions, in my words.
Each day, O Lord, I give my life,
A little at a time,
With faith to move mountains,
With hope undiminished,
With love enough to share.

Daily Prayers are written by Tim Williams, National Vincentian Formation Director.

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