A Week in Prayers August 14 – August 18

A Week in Prayers August 14 – August 18

A Week in Prayers August 14 – August 18 1080 1080 SVDP USA

Monday, August 14

Awaken me, Lord, from my slumber.
Lead me from night into day.
You are the Word of everlasting life,
Through Whom all my sins are repaid.

Tuesday, August 15

Mary Immaculate, pray for me,
That the Father may grant me patience.
Mother of God, pray for me,
That the Holy Spirit may grant me peace.
Queen of Angels, pray for me,
That Your Son Jesus Christ
May enter my heart, and I His,

Wednesday, August 16

Heavenly Father,
I set aside preoccupations,
I set aside myself,
To go and serve the neighbor.
This I do for You.
I set aside this worship,
But leave God only for God,
So my actions become my prayer.
This I do for You.

Thursday, August 17

Lord Jesus, awaken me from slumber,
Open my eyes and heart,
Lead me from darkness to light.
You are my strength in weakness,
My joy in sorrow,
And my life beyond life.

Friday, August 18

Lord in Heaven,
Lord on Earth,
Lord in my living heart,
In Your image
And by Your will
I live and move and am.

Daily Prayers are written by Tim Williams, National Vincentian Formation Director.
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