The Week in Prayers October 31 – November 4

The Week in Prayers October 31 – November 4

The Week in Prayers October 31 – November 4 1080 1080 SVDP USA

Monday, October 31

Lord Jesus,
I praise Your name!
Grant Your blessing to all those in need.
Make me Your instrument
To ease their suffering,
So they may draw closer to You

Tuesday, November 1

O God, I am bound to You
Body and soul
By a faith that never dies

O Jesus, I serve You
In the neighbor
Sharing the hope of eternal life

Holy Spirit, I am on fire,
My heart you have set aflame
With the love of God for all.

Wednesday, November 2

O Lord, through my baptism,
I was born to the cross.
I bear it lightly
In the knowledge and faith
Of its redemptive power,
For I join with You also
In the Eucharist.
I live and serve in hope.

Thursday, November 3

Though burdens weigh me down at times,
Though I may wander and become lost,
Though my spirit may be restless,
I will find my rest in You, O Lord.

In my prayers and in my hopes,
In my works and in my neighbor,
My eyes upon the kingdom,
I will find my rest in You.

Friday, November 4

Lord, let every moment
Be a moment of conversion.
Help me to see You
In the experiences of the day
And the people I encounter.
Little by little,
Or all at once,
Transform my heart.

Daily Prayers are written by Tim Williams, National Vincentian Formation Director.

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