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SVdP Stores Corner

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The Stores Corner was added to the e-Gazette in 2022 to be a helpful resource on various topics for all SVdP Thrift Stores staff and volunteers.

This edition of the Stores Corner is to explain the purpose of the National Stores Committee and to list the volunteer committee members by region.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul’s Thrift Store Committee is dedicated to helping our Thrift Store personnel (both paid and unpaid), to develop and maintain successful Thrift Stores to support the Society’s mission most effectively.

The Thrift Stores Committee members are a group of individuals who generously volunteer their time to be of service to other SVdP store personnel throughout the country.

Most of the Thrift Stores Committee members are women and men who work full-time in jobs helping to run successful stores in their own region.

Stores committee members represent single store locations and multi-store locations.

Committee members are here to serve you.

You might have questions about Point of Sale (POS) systems, how to increase donations, cash handling processes, volunteer/staff recruitment, on-line sales, social media, human resource topics, etc.

Please reach out to a committee member if you have questions. If they don’t have an answer for you, they will reach out to another resource to get the answer for you.

If you have a topic you’d like to see in a future Stores Corner article, please email your request to National Stores Director, Jeff Beamguard at

Thank you!

Committee members are listed below by region:

Diocesan Council of Phoenix: Mike McClanahan

Contra Costa County of California: Dominick Scibilia

North Central
District Council of Madison: Brooke Trick

Cabrini Conference, Wausau, WI: Kim Kuske

Council of St. Louis: John Walters

South Central
Archdiocesan Council of Galveston-Houston: Marie Schwartz

Stores Director Austin: Rick Bologna

Diocese of Palm Beach: Don Schiffgens

Council of Lansing: John Thelen

Council of Greensburg: Ed Markiewicz

Council of Rockville Centre: Joe Lazarich

Archdiocese of Boston: Lori Malcom


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