SVdP Stores Corner — Expand Your Reach Using Your Fleet

SVdP Stores Corner — Expand Your Reach Using Your Fleet

SVdP Stores Corner — Expand Your Reach Using Your Fleet 1080 1080 SVDP USA

Written by: Brooke Trick — Senior Director of Retail Operations
District Council of Madison

Businesses are always looking for effective and unique ways to inform large audiences of their brand and services. What better way to expand your reach then with a rolling billboard? Truck advertising (wraps or vinyl decals) is one of the most successful and cost-effective methods of advertising when compared to other typical marketing; it’s endless exposure for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. Truck ads boost brand recognition two times higher than mobile ads and have a higher recall rate than other roadside signs.

Truck advertising offers flexibility unmatched with stationary billboards. Trucks drive diverse pick-up routes often during heavy commute times and frequent popular areas in town. On trucks, whether owned or leased, your brand and the exact message(s) you want to tell are visible to everyone without having to buy the audience. Customers and donors will remember your brand when shopping and will be familiar with your mission after they see your ad in a variety of locations.

Truck advertising is different than traditional advertising because it isn’t restricted by placement, timing and rates. While people can switch off television commercials or use ad blockers online it’s difficult to ignore a colorful and creative ad while driving down the road or stuck in traffic. Most importantly, truck advertising is not invasive or repetitive.

When considering truck advertising, remember these key factors:

  • Be creative! Creative displays attract attention; consider font, color scheme and layout when designing your ad. If you have a fleet, contemplate keeping the format the same but use different pictures to identify shopping and services.
  • Words. As much as you want to inform the public of all the wonderful things you do, use short sentences or phrases that can be read in a few seconds. Experts say catchy or memorable phrases are often the most effective. Some of ours include “Shop with your heart,” or “help your budget, help your planet,
    help your neighbor in need.”
  • If you’re thinking of changing or adding these types of ads to your fleet, consider hiring a local advertising company. They will know current design trends and will incorporate your brand guide into a memorable design. If you have your own design team, they can work together as well.

For more information and resources regarding branding, templates, and logos, click here.

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