SVdP National President Ralph Middlecamp Honored With Special Tribute

SVdP National President Ralph Middlecamp Honored With Special Tribute

SVdP National President Ralph Middlecamp Honored With Special Tribute 790 427 SVDP USA

Outgoing National President of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul Ralph Middlecamp was recently honored with a special video tribute commemorating his time in office. Colleagues and friends shared memories and reflected on Ralph’s servant leadership.

You can watch the video here, then share your own tribute to Ralph in the comments.

  • We in Wisconsin have been blessed to have known Ralph for years. When I became President of our Conference and wanted to bring the mission into focus, Ralph was there to help. I will always treasure the wisdom he shared. He is for me the epitome of what being a Vincentian should be.
    Karen Thomas
    St Victor Conference
    Monroe, Wis

  • Thanks for your many years of service and example of a true humble leader. Be sure to rest a while – you certainly deserve it. The Peoria, Illinois Council and Conferences appreciated your guidance as we worked to rebuild our Vincention efforts.

    Peace and Love.

  • Mary Anne and Emiel September 28, 2023 at 5:25 pm

    We knew you when you were CEO in Wisconsin but you always seemed to model a Vincentian leader and were not surprised at your election as national president. Thank you as you continue your call as servant leader for SVDP and beyond.

  • Dear Ralph,
    Borrowing from my comments elsewhere in tribute to our Vincentian friendship, dated October 1, 2023:

    Woke up this morning🎶🎶 Immediate Past President (ADCCWash) as you did Ralph, as Immediate Past National President ( our terms started the same Oct 1 2017 to Sep 30 2023) and like you felt we are handing off to smart, capable and loving servant leaders, especially in John who your precious leadership ability inspired him to succeed you!

    What a ride Ralph, being on the bus with you. Making scheduled (mid-year, annual assemblies) stops with you and the Society, and learning new tools to serve with love, care and purpose.

    Best wishes on your journeys, keep in touch on our mutual platforms of service,

  • Chris Strassburger October 1, 2023 at 5:03 pm


    You have a great and faithful servant leader for us in the United States. It has been a blessing to know you. We look forward to your continued presence in our lives with your new opportunity at the International Office of The Society of St. Vincent de Paul.


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