Daily Prayers Week of February 21

Daily Prayers Week of February 21

Daily Prayers Week of February 21 940 788 SVDP USA

Monday, February 21:

Father, receive me,
Broken and small
Hear the words of my prayer
Father, forgive me
Make me whole
Bring me to new life in You

Tuesday, February 22:

St. Peter, pray for us
That our faith may be a rock
Upon which we stand
Our works bearing witness
To Christ’s church in the world
And the love of the Father for all

Wednesday, February 23:

Help me, Father, to hear the cries
Of the lonely and deprived
Give me strength and give me time
To serve them as You have served me
Send me, if it is Your will

Thursday, February 24:

Lord, awaken me
With Your whispered words,
Open my eyes
To Your gentle light.
Refresh me, renew me,
Give me Your strength.
Bring me from night
Into day.

Friday, February 25:

Lord hear our prayer
For Your children in Ukraine
At war or in the shadow of war.
Protect them from harm,
Especially the unarmed,
The weak, the small, the helpless.
Protect your children from fear
With the light of Your eternal hope.
Bring peace to their hearts,
And if it is Your will,
Bring peace in Ukraine.
Daily Prayers are written by Tim Williams, National Vincentian Formation Director. 

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