Daily Prayers May 9 – May 13

Daily Prayers May 9 – May 13

Daily Prayers May 9 – May 13 940 788 SVDP USA

Monday, May 9

Beloved St. Louise, motherless child,
Your own trials led you to your vocation
Pray for us that the Lord may lead us
To follow your example,
To trust in His Providence,
To seek to do His will,
To serve his poor and suffering.

Tuesday, May 10:

God of my fathers,
God of all time,
God of the earth and sea,
God of all creatures,
God of all things
Who nevertheless blesses me
In you I place my faith, O Lord,
To You I give my love
Your will I seek to do, O Lord
On earth as in heaven above.

Wednesday, May 11:

Your way is truth and life, Lord,
And I will follow and serve
In Your name
For Your sake
By Your grace
With faith enough to move mountains
With hope that is born anew
With love of the one Who sent me

Thursday, May 12:

I long to see Your face, O Lord.
Have mercy on me,
Your undeserving child.
Create me anew in Your love.

Friday, May 13:

Lord Almighty
Who let there be light
Who flooded the earth
Who parted the sea
Who walked on the water
Who healed the sick
Who raised the dead
Who gave Your life
Who conquered death
Lead me from night into day.

Daily Prayers are written by Tim Williams, National Vincentian Formation Director. 
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  • Thanks Tim for your short and good daily prayers. It is like a perfume that comes in a small bottle.

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