Daily Prayers June 13 – June 17

Daily Prayers June 13 – June 17

Daily Prayers June 13 – June 17 940 788 SVDP USA

Monday, June 13:

Jesus, my Lord and my salvation,
Help me turn my other cheek,
Help me walk the extra mile,
Help me proclaim the living Word
In all my actions.

Tuesday, June 14:

Give me the love, O Lord,
To serve and not to be served
To seek out those in need of mercy
Not because they are deserving
But because they are Your children
Loved by You

Wednesday, June 15:

Lord grant me the humility
To serve in silence
Unseen and unknown
Except by those served
And may they come to know you
Through this wordless witness

Thursday, June 16:

Lord help me
To grant, not just ask for forgiveness
To grant, not just ask for mercy
To do Your will
With the joy of angels
On earth as it is in heaven

Friday, June 17:

Lord, in my being, I love You.
Created by You,
Known by You,
Loved by You,
I seek Your kingdom,
While here below
I seek to do Your will.

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