A Week in Prayers March 27 – March 31

A Week in Prayers March 27 – March 31

A Week in Prayers March 27 – March 31 1080 1080 SVDP USA

Monday, March 27

Lord Jesus, Savior,
Help me to carry my cross daily
As I seek to follow You.
When I sweat, cool my brow;
When I stumble, lift me up;
For the cross is mine alone,
But I am Yours.

Tuesday, March 28

Holy Mary, pray for us,
That we may hear the cry
Of God’s suffering children.
May He lead us to them
With food for the hungry,
Drink for the thirsty,
Comfort for the mourning,
And the love of Your Son,
Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, March 29

Heavenly Father,
My life is Your gift
To do with as I will.
May I in turn give freely
Of my time, my talents,
My possessions, and myself
To my neighbors in need
To do with as they will.

Thursday, March 30

Heavenly Father,
In the silence I await You.
Feed my soul,
Which hungers for Your Spirit,
Which thirsts for Your Word.
Fortified by the strength of Your love,
Send me forth to do Your will.

Friday, March 31

Heavenly Father,
My heart murmurs prayers
Without words.
My soul awaits Your answer
In the silence.
Lord, do not burden me
With everything I want.
Free me instead
To serve You fully
In body and soul,
In word and in deed,
Tireless in Your love.

Daily Prayers are written by Tim Williams, National Vincentian Formation Director.

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