A Week in Prayers July 24 – July 28

A Week in Prayers July 24 – July 28

A Week in Prayers July 24 – July 28 1080 1080 SVDP USA

Monday, July 24

Jesus, when the bread is broken,
When the wine is poured,
I am, just as You promised,
In the presence of my Lord.
And when the neighbor calls me,
When I visit as a friend,
There, too, just as You promised,
You are present once again.

Tuesday, July 25

O Lord, help me pour myself out
Until I am empty of ego,
Empty of worldly concerns,
Empty of myself.
O Lord, fill this empty vessel
Until it overflows,
So that I cannot help but share
The love that never fails.

Wednesday, July 26

Lord, lift me up
When my burden is heavy
And I cannot bear it alone.
Send me, then, Lord
To lift up my neighbor.
As You have done for me,
So I will also do.
As You have loved me,
So I will also love.

Thursday, July 27

I offer You, Lord, all my suffering,
And all of my worldly cares.
Enter my heart, Lord Jesus,
I have made room for You there.

Friday, July 28

Heavenly Father, I praise Your name,
Lifting my eyes and heart to You.
The beauty of Your creation
In the light of Your love
Fills me with wonder
And gratitude.

Daily Prayers are written by Tim Williams, National Vincentian Formation Director.

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