A Week in Prayers July 17 – July 21

A Week in Prayers July 17 – July 21

A Week in Prayers July 17 – July 21 1080 1080 SVDP USA

Monday, July 17

Hear my prayers, Lord,
Not for myself,
But for all those in need
Of Your grace.
My friends and my foes,
The rich and the poor,
In each of whom
I see Your face.

Tuesday, July 18

Light of the world
Dawn of the day
Hope of the kingdom to come
Remain in my heart
Shine out through my love
Let me be Your beacon, O Lord

Wednesday, July 19

Oh Father, my Father, my Lord, and my God!
You have made me, You have known me.
Here I am.
You have called me, You have loved me.
Here I am.
I seek to do Your will.
Here I am.

Thursday, July 20

My God, I give You my heart;
A heart Your love can fill,
A heart that does Your will,
A heart that time will still
On earth.
And though it beat no more,
May it open heaven’s doors,
This heart, already Yours.

Friday, July 21

Lord Jesus, my Savior,
Through You I have seen
The model for my own humanity.
With You I will go
And knock on the door of the poor.
In You is life everlasting,
Broken, poured out, and shared.

Daily Prayers are written by Tim Williams, National Vincentian Formation Director.
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