A Week in Prayers February 27 – March 3

A Week in Prayers February 27 – March 3

A Week in Prayers February 27 – March 3 1080 1080 SVDP USA

Monday, February 27

Lord, help me to see You
In the hungry
In the poor
In the stranger
Help me to serve You
Help me to know You

Tuesday, February 28

Father in heaven,
You know my innermost needs.
Help me to have a forgiving heart.
Fill me with the love
That embraces and welcomes
The neighbor into Your kingdom.

Wednesday, March 1

Lord, look within my heart,
A heart that is humble and contrite,
Seeking but not deserving Your grace.
Open my heart, fill it with Your love.
Fill me to overflowing,
So that in the love I share
Others may know and come to You.

Thursday, March 2

Lord, help me to hear
The cry of the poor
Knocking at my door
Asking for help
Just as You, Lord,
Hear my prayers
Offered and repeated
In faith
Fill my heart with the love
That answers.

Friday, March 3

Lord open my eyes to see You
On the cross and in the poor
As You knock upon my door

Lord open my ears to hear You
Like the wind upon the deep
That calls me from my sleep

Lord lift me from my slumber
I in You, and You in me
That I may live, and move, and be.

Daily Prayers are written by Tim Williams, National Vincentian Formation Director.
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