A Week in Prayers February 13 – February 17

A Week in Prayers February 13 – February 17

A Week in Prayers February 13 – February 17 1080 1080 SVDP USA

Monday, February 13

My God and my all,
By Your great love
You fill my heart with hope,
My mind with joy,
And my soul with peace.
All that I am and all that I have
Is Yours.

Tuesday, February 14

Lord, You return a hundredfold
My faith, my prayer, my love
With the abundance of Your graces
Sent down from heaven above.
With Your great love within me, God,
Which only grows when shared,
May all I do and say on earth
Become my living prayer.

Wednesday, February 15

Lord, open my eyes to see
Truth like the light of day.
Lead me, Lord to new Life.
Lord help me follow Your Way.

Thursday, February 16

I saw You, Lord Jesus,
Outside in the cold,
A lonely and shivering man.
I saw You there, hungry,
Without enough clothes,
Asking “Who do you say that I am?”
You are my Lord,
And You are my God,
I will serve the best way that I can.

Friday, February 17

Lord Jesus, give me my cross.
Let me bear it without complaint.
May the things of this world
Not distract me from following,
But remind me to serve as You did,
Humbly, gently, and selflessly.

Daily Prayers are written by Tim Williams, National Vincentian Formation Director.

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