10-21-2021 A Letter From Our Servant Leaders

10-21-2021 A Letter From Our Servant Leaders

10-21-2021 A Letter From Our Servant Leaders 240 300 SVDP USA

A beautiful gift of Vincentian Spirituality is our experience of Divine Providence, which is also one of the hardest concepts to understand. All of us totally understand God the Father, the Creator, Abba, the image of God as the loving Father. The second person of the Holy Trinity, Jesus, we have the Gospels to really give us a true understanding of the gift of Jesus, the Healer, the Savior. And then we have the gift of the Holy Spirit. Jesus tells His disciples at the Last Supper that He will be sending the Holy Spirit and we know that happens at Pentecost.

How do we experience the Holy Spirit in our lives? Well, look for the “nudge.”

You know, the “nudge.” That feeling deep within that says, “You should do something.” Notice the Urge to Do Good on the Earth! This is one of the things we encourage people to look for – the N.U.D.G.E  The Holy Spirit is with us always and moves our hearts to respond to others by this small “voice” from within that reminds us to do good. The other way to recognize the Holy Spirit or Divine Providence in your lives is to look for “coincidence.” You know when you couldn’t possibly explain how something happened for your good or the good of another, but it definitely happened! The other thing you will often see in the work of the Holy Spirit is that it seems to happen just in the nick of time.

When we invite people to consider if God is inviting them to join the Society to grow in holiness as we serve the poor, invite them to be in touch with the nudge. You will be left in awe at how many people discover the work of the Holy Spirit when you encourage them to sense the n.u.d.g.e. This very simple explanation allows them to identify the work of God in their lives. It is not a coincidence that your invitation to others to join the Society found fertile ground when you encouraged them to be open to the Spirit. We know that Divine Providence is well ahead of us in all things  St. Louise de Marillac said it this way:

“I must perseveringly await the coming of the Holy Spirit although I do not know when that will be. I must accept this uncertainty, as well as my inability clearly to perceive at this time the path which God wishes me to follow in His service. I must abandon myself entirely to His Providence so as to be completely His.”

Bask in the uncertainty and trust that the Holy Spirit will lead you as you “see the Face of Christ in the poor.”

Marge McGinley
National Formation Chairperson

  • That’s a simply beautiful way to explain the existence of the Holy Spirit. Thank you Marge McGinley

  • Dennis Coyne – St Barbara – Erlanger KY October 21, 2021 at 6:13 pm

    Thank you Marge – great reminder for all of us – old and new.

  • Thank you for sharing. What a wonderful thing to share with our conference.

  • Maureen Kauzlarich October 22, 2021 at 10:44 am

    I loved this! May we all feel the tugs of the Holy Spirit!

    From Iowa

    Moe Kauzlarich

  • Marge! How can you possibly say: “All of us totally understand God the Father, the Creator, Abba, the image of God as the loving Father. ” No one really “knows” or “understands” God the Father much less the entire identity and relationship between the Three. ” I Am Who Am” is about as close to understanding as we can get. All the rest is pure conjecture on our part.

  • I love what you wrote about the actions of the Holy Spirit, especially an acronym for the “nudge” (we rely on nudges!) and the point that the needed help often comes unexpectedly at the last minute. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Charles J. Dougherty October 23, 2021 at 6:59 pm

    Insightful and beautifully written. On delivering food, I like to conclude with a prayer of thanksgiving to the Holy Spirit for life, food, family, friends, and especially for hope. This hope is anchored in the confidence that no matter what, God loves us—and especially you the friend we are honored to serve today. I find the prayer to be ecumenical, brief and often emotionally moving to the client. And it never fails ti bring me joy.

  • Thank you, Marge! I know I heard the “Holy Spirit” when we met! You are now Magnifying the messages. Great Work!

  • Marge, Your letter was beautifully written and I have certainly experienced the “NUDGE” often, as well as the receiver of coincidences, at just the right time. Thank you for putting this message out for us all to enjoy. God bless you!

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