09-15-2022 A Letter From Our Servant Leaders

  • I always enjoy your commentary – especially when you “stub your toe”. (Lol!!!)

    I get a lot out of your weekly missive including the Q&A. Your commentary and the Q&A always appear particularly relevant.

    I just wish that our conference would make more use of this most valuable information!

    Thank you for all that you do! Please keep up with the good work!



  • (1) The logo is ugly. It looks like a bad idea from the 1950s when logos fashioned from abstract letterforms of a corporation’s initials were a fad.

    (2) The logo is not memorable and fails to indicate the Society’s purpose to those who see it.

    (3) The approved forms of the logo either require color (blue) or require a black background, neither of which are appropriate for a parish conference whose letterhead comes out of a cheap desktop laser or inkjet printer.

  • Dick and Irene Reimbold September 16, 2022 at 8:11 am


    This is all very interesting considering the fact that we have chosen to us our own logoi instead of the international logo.

    Dick Reimbold

  • Dave, Thank you quickly coming forward with clarification. We always say our work with our neighbors seems to be a ‘secret’ and look for ways to spread the word throughout our community. Local support (dollars) is essential but we always let potential donors know that we are international and national as well at local!

  • Kudos Dave! If every leader would think of what’s important to the community–the right answers even if the first ones are incorrect–than their misplaced sense of importance and belief that admitting wrong is something to be avoided at all costs.

  • To clarify, if I have a properly established conference I may use the national logo as is without requesting specific permission. If I want to modify the logo in any way for use locally I must obtain written permission. Is this the correct interpretation?

  • I tend to agree with the comment that the logo seems quite out of date and does not reflect the local work underway characterized by the home visit and the excellent motto: “no work of charity is foreign to the society”….”going to the poor with hope, prayer, mercy, and love,” appeals as a sub-title to the excellent motto.

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