07-22-2021 Letter From Our Servant Leaders

07-22-2021 Letter From Our Servant Leaders

07-22-2021 Letter From Our Servant Leaders 1368 1387 SVDP USA

Many Vincentians are downright tenacious in their desire to serve both God and our friends in need. While this is usually a virtue, we must be careful, too. I am asked daily about how we can keep our members safe. Two otherwise incongruous subjects are at the forefront of member conversations; I share them with you.

First, we hear daily – if not more often – about changing requirements, requests and threats regarding COVID re-emergence and new variants. This leads Vincentians to ask how and when they can serve and “what is National requiring” in regard to staying safe. This question is usually about Home Visits, but more recently relates as well to our upcoming National Assembly.

As Vincentians per our Rule, we follow the law. If local authorities require you to stay home, wear a mask, or swing a chicken over your head to ward off a virus, do so. If your Bishop asks his local Catholics to take specific precautions, we strongly recommend that the Society follow this direction, too. National Council will not have guidance that overrules local Church or government decisions. While we all want to get back to normal Home Visits that are conducted where our neighbors live, we need to do so safely even if – for now in some places – this means still conducting visits temporarily by phone.

As for National Assembly, we stay in touch with the Marriott where the meeting will be held next month, and they stay in compliance with local government and industry standards. The Society will comply with the resulting hotel requirements. This has the potential to change every day, so we can’t give you direction today. Anyone registered for the meeting will be sent email information before we travel to Houston.  I can tell you that the Society on its own will not require that everyone be vaccinated, nor will we (unless required by law) ask for proof of vaccination. We trust our members to do the right things. If anyone wants to wear a mask even if not required, you are certainly welcome to do so.

The National Assembly for the most part will not be conducted virtually online because of the large expense. The National Business Meeting on Saturday is the exception, and our National Council Members can either send a live-person proxy for voting or vote electronically during the meeting. Many other general sessions and workshops will be recorded for your viewing and sharing in days or weeks later on our website.

We are not taking these actions to ask you to be afraid to come! In fact, we really want you to join us after our meeting last year needed to go virtual, and we look forward to a grand reunion! We will, though, do everything we can to help you be safe at our meeting. I am writing this column while on an airplane, and it seems reasonable to expect we will be wearing masks on planes and in airports for at least another month. With changing rules everywhere, I always keep a mask in my pocket!

The other questions about member safety are in relation to our pending Safeguarding policy. This will be considered by the National Council at the aforementioned National Assembly Business Meeting. While the safeguarding focus is primarily and deservedly on the people we serve, we should consider as well the potential for safeguarding among and for our members. Vincentians, and anyone, can be victims. Further, we have learned from schools, volunteer organizations, and the Church that an organization’s members can be wrongfully, and even intentionally, accused of sexual abuse and other safeguarding violations. As our leaders discussed briefly in a national call this week, the Society is not immune. Yes, we have learned of accused abuse situations in our Society’s past. These remain possible today. The proposed Safeguarding policy recommends that every Council develop a local policy in accord with local laws and Church requirements of its parishioners. The focus is on those we will serve, but in doing the right things for those in need whom we love, we also protect our own members. The Rule’s requirement for Home Visits to be conducted in pairs, for example, wasn’t perhaps created with safeguarding in mind but this alone largely prevents both abuse situations and the accusation of abuse.

In our fervent desire to serve, let’s please not forget to take care of ourselves and our fellow Vincentians. Sometimes it feels like we have yet another requirement forced upon us every day, whether it be another report to complete, training, fingerprinting or some other action that delays our service and seems to accuse us of doing or even thinking of something unsafe or unsavory. Good people must take unnecessary precautions because bad people, and bad viruses, do exist. Let’s think of all this in the context of keeping those around us safe, and as part of our sacrificial service to God. Considering the alternatives, they are small sacrifices in order to do His work.

Yours in Christ,
Dave Barringer

  • I believe from adversity comes strength, and I am not alone in my optimism. According to a survey from PricewaterhouseCoopers, 88% of CEOs in the U.S. anticipate an improvement in global economic growth over the next 12 months and consider pursuing organic growth a top priority. Innovation is a key focus, with 63% of U.S. leaders indicating that they plan to launch a new product or service as they find new ways to connect with customers in the next year.

    As the world recovers from Covid-19, here are several pandemic positives that I encourage all SVdP leaders to build on to drive future success.

    1- Cultivate your special Vincentian culture of resilience = Whether your Conference or Council survived or thrived during the pandemic, it likely did so because of the resilience that your members displayed as they pushed through the challenges the pandemic environment brought. Resilience as a corporate value is crucial for companies with disruptive or transformative products or services that challenge the status quo. Whether you realize it, this core value was likely instilled into your conference’s culture because of the pandemic. Now is the time to build on it.

    2- Maintain nimbleness. = Agility is something I constantly think about. When faced with the existential threat of the pandemic, adaptation was imperative for survival. Agility determined our speed of adaptation. As we have more than maintained our member-count over the past 18 months, I have seen us get bogged down in processes and excessive planning.
    Planning is important, but it must be balanced with action. As we all know too well at this point, the best planning in the world does not prepare you for something like a pandemic. As Mike Tyson is known to have famously said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” To drive home the message of agility, focus on the positive pivots you made.

    3- Seize new opportunities, but stay true to our mission. = Remarkably, the pandemic has created a host of opportunities for innovation. In our case, an opportunity came from the shift to remote food delivery. We had always seen this as an opportunity, but it was part of our long-term plan. When the pandemic led to the closure of the entire country, my Council quickly pivoted and immediately offered a home-delivery and drop-off option for our clients..

    Being agile enough to pivot while staying focused and deliberate in what you are pursuing as a leader is more vital than ever.

  • Flossie Henderson July 23, 2021 at 6:57 am

    “…If local authorities require you to stay home, wear a mask, or swing a chicken over your head to ward off a virus, do so…”

    Lovvve it! AND the letter’s entire message.

  • Eugene Williams July 23, 2021 at 7:55 am

    Hello Mr Barringer
    Just a comment on your letter – I know many organizations get caught in the middle so to speak and there is no likely way to please everyone but I must share that the thought of SVdP considering making people show proof of vaccination status is just frightening for me to hear you mention! We are a free society and if our government would mandate citizens to show proof of vaccine status that would be where I would regretfully part ways with our wonderful society. I find that evil and not worth anyone supporting in any manner including SVdP. We saw this type of government mandate in Germany with the Jewish populations prior to World War 2 – it was evil then and would be evil today!

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