Daily Prayers April 25 – April 29

Daily Prayers April 25 – April 29

Daily Prayers April 25 – April 29 940 788 SVDP USA

Monday, April 25:

Lord Jesus, Savior,
Let my life
And my works
Be my prayer
In Your name,
For Your sake,
And not mine.

Tuesday, April 26:

Help me to act with mercy, Lord,
To see You in the suffering
Of the least of us
To offer my presence
In Your name
To give with love
For the love of God
To always serve in hope

Wednesday, April 27:

Lord let me serve You humbly,
Nameless, and small,
But doing Your works in the light
For Your glory, not mine
Drawing all people to Your light
To Your works
And to Your love

Thursday, April 28:

Lord, grant me the virtue of gentleness:
A kindness that never tires,
A patience that never wears thin,
Good will that is offered to all.
May my gentleness be visible
In my smile,
In my words,
And in my actions.

Friday, April 29:

Lord, fill me with Your love
So that I can pour it out;
A love that grows as it is shared,
That multiplies as it is divided,
That never diminishes,
That is enough to fill,
And to connect every heart.
Daily Prayers are written by Tim Williams, National Vincentian Formation Director. 

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