Getting People Back2Work!

Back2Work provides customized training, continuing education, community resources, and connectivity, as well as ongoing support for those looking for decent work with livable wages. The four-step curriculum prepares people seeking employment in the trades for work, and connects them to entry-level opportunities in pre-apprentice, apprentice, and journey career pathways.

First, participants prepare to re-enter the workforce through building skills around employment preparation, financial literacy, and career readiness.

St. Vincent de Paul Councils build relationships with area employers, where participants begin internships that transition into full-time jobs. These employment partnerships are unique to each community’s needs, recognizing that engaging with trusted organizations within each community is essential to providing quality services and meeting the needs of job seekers.

Mentors are chosen for each person’s employment journey to stay with them from beginning to end. Mentors provide individualized support and feedback, developing relationships of mutual trust.

Throughout the program, wraparound services from other Vincentian ministries — rent assistance, groceries, maybe even transportation help — and community partnerships build a path for long-term stability by ensuring that other needs are met.

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