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Midyear Meeting Update

Midyear Meeting Update 1200 1200 SVDP USA

Out of an abundance of caution for everyone’s health, our 2021 Midyear Business Meeting, March 3 – 6 will be a virtual program. Registration opening soon! This year’s agenda will include a Spiritual Retreat, Workshops, Board of Directors and Business Meetings, Disaster Services Training, as well as a special event presentation and Virtual Vendor Showcase.

The annual Midyear Meeting is a Governance and training event designed for National Council Members (the Presidents of the Diocesan Council or “top” District Council per Diocese), Executive Directors and other current or prospective Council leaders. However the Midyear, especially a virtual one, is open to all interested Vincentians! Check out the agenda when available and attend the sessions and workshops where you have interest.

Voting at the National Business Meeting, to be held virtually on Saturday March 6 from 10 AM – 12:30 PM Central is restricted to National Council Members, but again anyone may attend the Zoom call.

01-14-21 Letter From Our Servant Leaders

01-14-21 Letter From Our Servant Leaders 500 500 SVDP USA

We do not need (or even want!) to be reminded of the unusual year we have faced in 2020: A pandemic, economic crisis, and societal turmoil from racial injustices. Yet amidst it all, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul has offered a steady hand to our most vulnerable neighbors, providing food, rent assistance, utility payments, the list goes on and on. Thankfully, in the worst of time, the Society shines. With nearly 100,000 Vincentians in the United States alone, we are ready and willing to step in.

Among those we are serving, our sisters and brothers returning home from incarceration are facing many barriers and obstacles, often without family or resources to fall back on. Up to one third of our Home Visit contacts have a formerly incarcerated individual in their household. Sadly, years of systemic racism have profoundly impacted the struggles, evidenced in the disproportionate numbers of Black, Brown, and Indigenous peoples bearing the brunt of inequities in the criminal justice system. Addressing this myriad of concerns through the Society calls us as Vincentians to form a “network of Reentry,” to borrow a phrase from Frédéric Ozanam: “I would like to embrace the whole world in a network of charity.”

St. Vincent de Paul has already responded with the typical creativity that we are known for. Immersion and Back2Work were designed to work in tandem to address the special needs of those returning from incarceration, “returning citizens.” Utilizing the strength of our many Conferences, our community partnerships, ability to access resources, we walk with each neighbor on their journey home. Right now, we have these programs in four different Councils across the country.

Now, in a hopefully “post-COVID-19” world, we are challenged to be even better organized and consistent in our approach. A “network of Reentry” has already been conceived in the National Reentry Task Force (NRTF). We have an opportunity to grow our Task Force to form a new vision, to provide invigorated and integrated services to returning citizens everywhere. By providing mentoring, job training, education, advocacy, restorative justice and more, we can help bring healing to our sisters and brothers and communities.

Please take a moment to prayerfully discern: Are you being called to this Reentry ministry? Consider how you can help us in this shared mission. Who in your Council or Region is already serving the formerly incarcerated? Who has a passion for restorative justice? Can you help us bring a new vision to the National Reentry Task Force?

As the Society of St. Vincent de Paul we are uniquely qualified, indeed gifted, to help meet the many challenges our returning citizens are facing. Together, we can begin to participate in the building up of the Kingdom of God within our truly Vincentian charism, embracing a “network of Reentry.”

In Christ’s faith,

Marian Lamoureux

New Youth Conference: Queen of Angels Youth in Chicago

New Youth Conference: Queen of Angels Youth in Chicago 1200 900 SVDP USA

Queen of Angels SVDP Youth Group and some 8th grade confirmandi helped with the holiday food distribution. They set up  tables, sorted groceries into departments including 20 cases of fresh produce and personal items like toilet paper and diapers.   As our client families arrived youth assisted in helping to select and carry.

Setting up  grocery store style allows those we serve the dignity of selecting items they want and need rather than receiving a random assortment which may not agree with their cultural preferences. Afterwards the youth helped to clean up and discard empty boxes.

The youth really made the connection of serving those in need while allowing for dignity of the person being served. Over 71  families were served.

Mary Kate Truss Shares A Special Blessing

Mary Kate Truss Shares A Special Blessing 1200 929 SVDP USA

Being blessed with the amazing opportunity to travel to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for World Youth Day was an experience I will never forget. The memories and friendships made in Brazil are ones I will cherish for the rest of my life.  Having just graduated from high school a mere 4 weeks before leaving for World Youth Day, I was excited to travel and begin my life as an adult. I was preparing to venture out in the world, after twelve years of Catholic education, and attend my first public school at the University of North Florida.  World Youth Day provided me an opportunity to witness how other cultures celebrate the Catholic faith, which was the spiritual boost I  would need to continue on my faith journey.

Traveling out of the country, to what seemed like a whole new world to me, was a little intimidating at first. However, once I was in the midst of hundreds of Vincentians that first week in Belo Horziante at the St. Vincent de Paul gathering, all my worries melted away and were replaced with a joy and fire for my faith that I had not experienced before.
I met all these wonderful people, not only from different parts of the United States, but also from Scotland, Ireland, and parts of Brazil. The several different cultures were revealed to one another in the trading of wrist bands.  Each country had a wrist band that we would trade, as we shared a piece of who we were with our fellow brothers/sisters in Christ.  I could not wait to travel to Rio to meet even more people and learn about more different cultures.

Once we arrived in Rio de Janerio, the reality hit me – I was about to see Pope Francis in person!  After several activities preparing our hearts and minds for the actual World Youth Day, the festivities began.  Several catechesis were held each day that opened little doors in my heart, inviting the Holy Spirit in and preparing me for the Holy Father.  Hearing several Cardinals speak was very eye-opening. Cardinal Dolan spoke one of the days and truly opened my eyes to the purpose of World Youth Day.  It is about allowing Christ to work through us and be His hands and feet. Being an 18 year old girl in our society waiting for “Mr. Right” can be a little discouraging. The catechesis was about how we must prepare ourselves first and completely fall in love with our faith before we can let somebody else into our hearts. That statement really gave me a peace and understanding that everything will work out in God’s time. I must prepare myself and trust that God has a plan.

Getting the opportunity to be included in the 5% of 3 million pilgrims to see the spectacular Christ the Redeemer statue was such a blessing. I fell speechless when I saw Christ peeking through the fog, standing over Rio, with His arms open wide.  It made me even more excited and on fire for what was in store in the coming days. As the day arrived when Pope Francis was coming, I could not describe the joy I felt in my heart! He drove by in his humble jeep, waving to all of his children. What struck me most was how he acclaimed he was here for us.  He came to see us! I just broke down in tears. The humility of Pope Francis was pure beauty.

We had the opportunity to see him again in a much more personal setting when we awaited him outside of Rio’s cathedral, where he was saying Mass. I ended up being just five feet from him! I could not help but just watch him as he drove by, humbly waving to all of us; with a joy radiating from him that was definitely a joy coming from Christ.

After a lengthy, yet beautiful five mile pilgrimage through the city and onto Copacabana Beach, we were blessed with the opportunity of Adoration with Pope Francis. It was in the moment of Matt Maher singing “Lord I Need You” that I really felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. It struck me how much I really do need Christ in every single aspect of my life. I could feel and knew this amazing fire for the Catholic faith would stay with me. We all need Christ, every single one of us. The trip concluded with a Mass with Pope Francis – again another event that I will treasure in my heart.

I realize how blessed I have been with the Catholic faith being passed down to me through my ancestors. I am even more blessed that I had this opportunity to deepen and enhance my faith with this trip to World Youth Day.  I cannot wait to spread this fire in my heart onto the generations to come. God Bless.

01-15-21 News Roundup

01-15-21 News Roundup 1200 1200 SVDP USA

Vincentians across the country and around the world continue to serve their communities in the midst of the pandemic. Click the stories below to learn more about their work to help neighbors in need.


Ireland: Car draw raises €260,000 for SVP
New Zealand: Give it a Go: Helping out with the Vinnies’ goodwill efforts


Baton Rouge, LA: St. Vincent de Paul accepting clients as temps drop, in need of donations 
Cincinnati, OH: SVdP Cincinnati Ozanam Center for Service Learning to Host MLK Day 2021 for area High Schoolers
Medford, OR: St. Vincent volunteer receives community award
New Orleans, LA: SVdP New Orleans Hosting Systemic Change Symposium
Omaha, NE: Catholic social teaching on community: We were meant to live, grow and flourish together

Middlecamp Appointed International Territorial Vice President

Middlecamp Appointed International Territorial Vice President 600 685 SVDP USA

SVdP National Council President Ralph Middlecamp has been appointed as the new International Vice President for Solidarity and Special Projects to the Council General International of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

In his new role, Middlecamp will oversee the Society of St. Vincent de Paul’s international efforts in the following areas:

  • Twinning, a program connecting Conferences and Councils in developed countries with Conferences and Councils in areas lacking the means to conduct their works of charity.
  • CIAD (the Commission for International Aid and Development), which provides financial assistance to member national Councils who have had a disaster and are providing relief to the victims. CIAD also prioritizes and funds projects submitted by member countries for financial support via resources from member countries with the means to provide assistance.
  • Special Projects.

Says Middlecamp of the honor, “The programs that our Society operates in the United States have been recognized by our international leadership as models of effective service to people living in poverty. I will be privileged to work with our members throughout the world to bring support to their efforts to relieve suffering in their communities.”

“The Society globally shares its resources among its more than 150 national Councils to get help where it is most needed for disasters and development projects,” says USA National Council CEO Dave Barringer. “Ralph has long been a global citizen in his concern and actions on behalf of the poor. He is a great choice to oversee these cost-effective and efficiently-delivered efforts.”

Sterling Volunteers engages in volunteer research and its database of Vetted Volunteers is ready to serve

Sterling Volunteers engages in volunteer research and its database of Vetted Volunteers is ready to serve 800 800 SVDP USA

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is excited to share that our valued background screening partner is able to assist with matching and mobilizing local volunteers to serve in communities across the country. Sterling Volunteers (formerly Verified Volunteers), is providing you with complimentary access to their new research report, the Volunteer Perspective: Industry Insights 2019 report.


For more information about Sterling Volunteers and/or a background check for your Conference or Council members, contact: Kimberly Chochon VICE PRESIDENT, PARTNERSHIPS Sterling Volunteers o: 212.736.5100 x3129 | m: 206.300.6315

Keela – A National SVdPUSA Partner Announces “Donor Experience Week”

Keela – A National SVdPUSA Partner Announces “Donor Experience Week” 800 800 SVDP USA

Keela is an impact technology company that builds nonprofit management software specifically for small and medium charities. This partnership represents a unique opportunity for the Society of St Vincent de Paul’s Conferences and Councils to access easy-to-use, powerful technology at a low price point. For more information on Keela, please click here.

ANNOUNCING: “The Donor Experience Week” – a series of 10 FREE fundraising webinars. The purpose is to provide nonprofit professionals with the information they need to keep growing their organizations.

The series of 10 webinars will be streamed online and free to attendees from September 23rd to 27th at 9 am and 12 pm PST. Each session will consist of 45 minutes of content and 15 minutes of Q&A. Each webinar will offer actionable content that can be used right away to strengthen relationships and raise more money.

Friends of the Poor Walk – Sept. 28, 2019

Friends of the Poor Walk – Sept. 28, 2019 800 800 SVDP USA

It’s that time of year for the Friends of the Poor® Walk/Run. It is a way for your Conference or Council to raise funds and awareness for helping people in need. Check out the Walk website to locate a Walk/Run near you.

For more information, please check out

“Our Faith in Action: Today’s Society of St. Vincent de Paul” Special Episode – Coming Sept. 27 on EWTN

“Our Faith in Action: Today’s Society of St. Vincent de Paul” Special Episode – Coming Sept. 27 on EWTN 800 800 SVDP USA

A brand-new episode of our Gabriel Award-winning TV series, “Our Faith in Action: Today’s Society of St. Vincent de Paul,” will make its debut on Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) on St. Vincent de Paul’s feast day, Sept. 27.

In the episode, Society of St. Vincent de Paul members help young students prepare for a new school year, offer a bridge to a more stable and prosperous future for the people they serve and provide hope and opportunity for returning citizens seeking gainful employment.

Friday, Sept. 27 1:30 p.m. Eastern/12:30 p.m. Central/11:30 a.m. Mountain/10:30 a.m. Pacific

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