Daily Prayer April 18 – April 22

Daily Prayer April 18 – April 22

Daily Prayer April 18 – April 22 940 788 SVDP USA

Monday, April 18:

Lord, my heart sings with gratitude
Like the birds that sing each morning
The song of the joy of creation
The song of a brand new day
Whether in sickness or health,
In poverty or riches,
I trust in You, my Lord,
And I thank you for the day.

Tuesday, April 19:

Send me, Lord Jesus,
Send me forth.
Send me to share Your word.
Send me, Lord Jesus,
Send me to serve.
Send me to share Your love.
Empty me, Jesus,
Of ego, of self,
So all that I share is You.

Wednesday, April 20:

Lord You are present among us
Not hidden, but right in plain view
But sometimes my mind is distracted
And I can’t even recognize You
Lord You always have known me
You have claimed me right from the start
Even before the day I was born
You have written Your word on my heart
Help me, Lord, not to walk past You
Help me always to recognize
The One to Whom my heart is bound
Help me to see with new eyes

Thursday, April 21:

Help me to feel the warmth of the hearth,
While I’m still outside chopping the wood.
Lord, help me to work in faith.
Help me let go of rewards of this world,
And to seek first the Kingdom of God.
Lord, help me to serve in hope.
Help me to empty myself of self,
To give and not to receive,
Lord, help me to live in love.

Friday, April 22:

Most Holy Trinity,
You have called me to love and serve.
Bless my heart, my soul, my mind,
And send me in Your name.
In the name of the Father, I live.
In the name of the Son, I move.
In the name of the Holy Spirit,
I have my being.
Daily Prayers are written by Tim Williams, National Vincentian Formation Director. 

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