Daily Prayers July 11 – July 15

Daily Prayers July 11 – July 15

Daily Prayers July 11 – July 15 940 788 SVDP USA

Monday, July 11:

Lord Jesus,
With steps at times uncertain,
I seek to follow Your way.
My mind and heart united,
I seek to know Your truth.
May the love that never fails
Let me share in Your eternal life.

Tuesday, July 12:

Lord Jesus, in Your name
I ask forgiveness
Lord Jesus, through Your word
I am renewed.
Lord Jesus, for Your sake
I love my neighbor
Lord Jesus, risen Christ,
May I rise, too.

Wednesday, July 13:

Though I love You, Lord
With the strength of my arms
And the sweat of my brow,
Mine are not feats of strength
But works of love
In Your name,
By Your power,
And for Your glory.

Thursday, July 14:

Lord Jesus, give me rest
From the burdens that I bear
From work and weariness
From the aches of a long journey
From worries and sorrows
Place Your hands upon me
And with Your words of life
Lord, give me comfort,
Lord, give me rest

Friday, July 15:

Lord in Heaven, maker of earth,
God of power and might,
Who saw and knew and loved me,
Before You said “let there be light.”
O Lord, I rejoice in creation,
The sun and the land and the sea,
Created and never abandoned,
The mountains, the sparrow, and me.

Daily Prayers are written by Tim Williams, National Vincentian Formation Director.

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