A Week in Prayers September 19 – September 23

A Week in Prayers September 19 – September 23

A Week in Prayers September 19 – September 23 940 788 SVDP USA

Monday, September 19

Who do You say that I am, Lord?
A servant, a neighbor, a friend?
Have I stopped for the victims
At the side of the road?
Have I offered food to the hungry?
Have I offered Your love
With the works of my hands?
Have I comforted all those in sorrow?
Have I done as You asked me,
In spite of myself?
Who do You say that I am?

Tuesday, September 20

How can I better know You, Lord?
Where can I see Your face?

In the lines of an old man’s face,
That mark his labor on this earth
In the laughter of a young girl’s eyes
Sparkling with mirth

In the sweat that earns
The family’s food
In the last breath drawn
In a hospital room

In these and more, I love you, Lord
Through these I serve You in hope.

Wednesday, September 21

Lord of mercy, lift me up
Fill me with Your grace
Grant me the mercy
To serve and to love
As You have loved
And served me.

Thursday, September 22

O my Jesus,
For Your kingdom
I will labor.
In Your name
And by Your grace,
I will not waver.
From dawn to setting sun
The work of love is never done
For Your sake,
And for Your love,
And for my neighbor

Friday, September 23

Daily Prayers are written by Tim Williams, National Vincentian Formation Director.

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