Stores Corner — “Round Up for Change” At Your Thrift Store

Stores Corner — “Round Up for Change” At Your Thrift Store

Stores Corner — “Round Up for Change” At Your Thrift Store 150 150 SVDP USA

Do you know about the SVdP Stores webpage through the National website with tons of great information regarding all things stores!?

The National Stores Committee is a group SVdP store folks that represent each SVdP Region and are committed to best practices in support of SVdP Thrift Stores for success across the nation. Find great topical articles from the Region Reps here in the Stores Corner of the E-Gazette on the last Thursday of each month.

By: Joseph A. Lazarich
Society of St Vincent de Paul Long Island

One simple way to raise additional money at the check-out counter for SVdP is the “Round Up for Change” program. This can be tracked with a point of sale system for easy record keeping. You can post flyers at each register and sporadically around the store advertising this option. It can easily be promoted on your in-store radio application. You can then encourage your sales associates to gently ask the customers to consider donating to our mission by rounding their total to the nearest dollar. Although it may seem like such a simple act, they’ll become one of the many customers donating spare change to SVdP’s programming. In the end, their small act of selflessness, along with other shoppers, yields us between 8K to 10K annually.

Connect with a Region Rep to learn more about what they are doing in your area — list of committee members can be found under theResources drop down here.

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