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Testimony for Vincentian Solidarity from the USA to Lebanon

Testimony for Vincentian Solidarity from the USA to Lebanon 960 1280 SVDP USA

Hearts are enlightened … darkness is behind us!

Since October 2019, Lebanon has been experiencing an unprecedented series of crises: economic collapse and monetary meltdown, political deadlock, Beirut explosion, on top of the worldwide sanitary pandemic.

In the last 4 years, the Lebanese Pound went from 1,500 to 109,000 to the dollar (USD). Lebanon registers the 3rd highest inflation rate in the world after Venezuela and Sudan.

As a result of the accumulating crises, electricity rationing worsened sharply with cuts for more than 20 hours per day, plunging all Lebanese homes into darkness.

The Saint Pierre home, like all other elderly homes, suffered from the severe power outages, making their lives more difficult and hampering the rights of the elderly to an adequate standard of living, protected by human treaties. Darkness rubbed off on all the residents and gnawed away at their hearts. This accentuated the stress that tormented them and became their shadow.

Your prompt response to our cry of despair was a heavenly sign: photovoltaic panels installation at the Saint Pierre spared the elderly from the darkness and harshness of their daily lives.

You have literally and figuratively, shed light in the darkness the residents were experiencing.

For that, Society of Saint Vincent de Paul Lebanon expresses its infinite gratitude towards your generosity.

Your empathetic gesture is a service to God’s Charity and Love.

“Kind words may be short and easy to say, but their echo is truly endless.” – Mother Teresa

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